Olaaf x Les Marmottes de Gaston

The Collab

Les Marmottes de Gaston are hand made cases produced in the Parisian workshop of their creator, Antoine Cornu. Made of high quality French fabric, they ensure a real protection to your straps and watches in any circumstance.

We are proud to present this collab placed under the sign of craftsmanship and elegance “à la française”.

The Collection

Olaaf x Maison BO

The collab

Maison BO is a young French brand of olfactory jewels that redefines the way of wearing a perfume on a daily basis.

It took them 6 months to develop this brand new concept, of which the design is based on a watch geometry, in order to be compatible with Olaaf and create this harmonious set.

This piece is the result of our savoir faire association that is meant to offer a unique experience of wearing a perfume, especially during summer.

The team

Here is Léa, Paola et Arnaud, cofounders of Maison BO. After several years in the fashion and the perfume industries, they jumped in this ambitious adventure to link both the jewellery and the perfumery universes.

Maison BO is born with a vision: wearing fragrances with elegance!

The collection

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