Olaaf suits all clothing styles with singularity. It takes just a few seconds to install on a watch and, thanks to the 40 combinations of sizes and colours customizable online, Olaaf adapts timepieces to any circumstance.

The Birdie Collection

Petrol blue

Graphite black

British racing green

Pure orange

Turquoise blue

Pure orange

Turquoise blue


Olaaf is in tune with its time. It is customizable online, it is simple to attach without the need for any applicator, it is very pleasant to wear even during summer and it is the first single-stranded watch strap ensuring a double safety.


The first collection, Birdie, is designed upon a timeless honeycomb pattern which
perfectly complements both vintage and modern timepieces. The permanent colours panel, Petrol blue, Graphite black & British racing green, also offers two seasonal variations, starting with Turquoise blue and Pure orange for Spring/Summer 2018.


Olaaf is composed with an innovative elastomer which is more resistant and as agile as most rubbers and silicones used on the market. This feature allows Olaaf to be thin enough to slide through the bars while remaining extremely solid. Moreover, Olaaf is the only single-stranded watch strap equipped with a double fixing patented clasp.


The soft touch treatment covering Olaaf produces a “peach skin” effect which avoids the strap to stick to the wrist, unlike most rubber and silicone straps. Moreover, its signature scent subtly controls the smell related to the passing time, which makes Olaaf even more pleasant to wear, especially during summer.

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