Antoine and Jeremy first met at Nursury School, more than 25 years ago. They drew their inspiration for Olaaf from their experiences and passions, before they decided to make the big jump in January 2018.

Our values


Olaaf exists to enhance timepieces and allows the wearer to express their personality with elegance and originality. It is inspired by fashion and trends from different periods of time, in order to craft timeless watch straps which suit both vintage and modern timepieces.
Olaaf is a creative brand which will enlarge its products range with time, available in additional collections, colours and signature scents.

Savoir faire

The design, the signature scent and the double fixing mechanism have required
significant work in research and development. We are very proud to present a French innovation which combines a mastered and subtle signature scent with a double fixing
patented mechanism.


Olaaf straps are categorized as cosmetic goods. Therefore, they have been developed through a responsible mindset at all stages, in order to match worldwide regulations. Its olfactory elastomer is 100% recyclable and complies with (CE) n°1223/2009 from the European Parliament, regarding the cosmetic goods.


Olaaf is French.